David Anthony Whitaker – Professional

David Anthony Whitaker is the COO
of ISO Developers in Boston MA.

David Anthony WhitakerDavid Anthony Whitaker  began his work with ISO Developers in late 2014.   It was his skills and talents that brought him to ISO Developers.  It is his skills and talents that bring clients to ISO Developers. It is a symbiotic relationship and a lucrative one. ISO Developers learned quickly the best use for David Anthony Whitaker is to give him a giant server, several computers and to lock him in his room with plenty of snacks.

Watching David Anthony Whitaker work is like trying to speed read while someone else is turning the pages of “War and Peace”.  Grabbing screens and shifting them from monitor to monitor, jumping from keyboard to keyboard typing code, lightning fast, it is truly an exercise in guessing which screen he is working on at any one time.

While you might ask, “How does code end up being a website?”  If you ask David Anthony Whitaker, he would just show you. It’s easier.   But not very helpful for you.   First he will open a blank screen.  You will have to stand over his shoulder while he rapidly starts typing what looks like an alien language.  Do not try to leave.  David won’t let you.  As he types you hear him say many times “How do you code?” with a smile on his face.  In about 30 minutes after non-stop typing David calmly says, “Watch this” and with a click a beautiful application, website, or video pops up on one monitor and you stare amazed that a black screen with a jumble of numbers, letters, and symbols can actually produce something viewable.

“How do you build a website?” David Anthony Whitaker says.  “Just like I just did.”, he answers his own question.  Then he hits a key and it’s gone.  You cringe. That was a very nice website.  David laughs and he is back to what he was doing before you so rudely interrupted him.

That was exciting.  You want to be able to do that.  So you might ask yourself, “How do you become a coder?”.  Maybe you ask “How do I become a great coder?”  For the most part the answer is the same as the answer to the question “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”  Practice, practice, practice.  You have to practice, practice, practice.  There are plenty of educational videos and companies that provide training materials where you can learn to code.  There is no question you need to spend the time to learn from these training materials.  Start at the beginning and you will pick up speed as your learning curve increases and you become more proficient.  You will learn the tricks of the trade, shortcuts, blocks of code that will become familiar and useful in all kinds of contexts.

David Anthony Whitaker is a pervasive proponent of hands on training.  He uses paid interns from local High Schools and others.  Directed by ISO Developers’ project manager, these interns learn the enhanced skills of coding and contribute in a small way to general development of clients at ISO Developers.  It is a way of being a good corporate citizen and these interns can utilize all the benefits of working at ISO Developers, including a full gym, free weights, workout machines, palates, treadmills, a full library (real books not iBooks), an entertainment center, a juice bar and kitchen, and a full vidoe studio “B”.  David hosts educational videos and conferences as well focusing on new releases by Apple and others and focusing on the tools need to stay ahead of the fast paced and ever changing world of digital development.

But to get to where David Anthony Whitaker is you need the capacity to focus brain cells for one purpose as if you have the power to direct a large portion of your brain pan to a single task.  We all know that it is virtually impossible to control involuntary biological functions, unless you study some esoteric spiritual philosophy for decades I suppose.  For David Anthony Whitaker it’s genetics.  Something mixed right when he was being put together and it translated into  a brain coded for coding.  His level of skill is born of genius.  An innate ability to know exactly what to type or “code”.  To David, this is his language.  If he had his choice, everyone would talk in code.  Every book written would be in code.  It is that natural to him.  It is his flow.

Take him out of this venue and, well, you may ask “How come some people do some things great and other things not so great?”  With David Anthony Whitaker, content?  Not so genius.  You better have a good copy editor because content is not his ballyhoo.  You get the message when he writes but editing is a must.  He can’t swing a hammer, or if he does…duck.  His cooking is plain and quick…get it out of the way and eat.  He is great at supervising and can get a lot of people to do a lot of things quickly and efficiently…get it out of the way so he can code.  He has other attributes, but, the truth is, put him in a room with computers and monitors and he becomes a coding madman.  Twelve to 24 hour days are not uncommon for David at ISO Developers.  Sometimes the only thing that will avert his eyes from his monitors is the morning sun streaming into his office and obscuring his view of the code he is writing or the video he is creating.  This works well for David because oftentimes he is working by live video feed with foreign freelancers whose day is night here.  But, mostly, it is because he just doesn’t notice.

How does genius work?  Most geniuses, David Anthony Whitaker included, dedicate so much of their brain power to a series of tasks, in which they excel, that other tasks fall to the wayside.  With David Anthony Whitaker it’s digital development, communication with clients and developers, and, of course, ideas!  Genius is the remarkable ability to focus all your thoughts and efforts to a single task while retaining the ability to multitask without losing focus.  It is the ability to prioritize, schedule, to compartmentalize distractions, to manage people, to maximize efficiency, and to produce, produce, and produce.  There are productive and non-productive geniuses.  Non-productive geniuses are more concerned with continuing to demonstrate their abilities without consideration of productivity.  Their product is remarkable but non-essential, does not fit, is ephemeral, and has no application.  Reality is reality.  Seems like a too simple an answer to the question “What is reality?”  But the truth is that reality is where we live.  If you cannot operate within reality, your genius becomes nothing greater.  It exists for you and no other person on this planet.  David Anthony Whitaker understands that without practical application his skills, his abilities, and his talents provide no solutions and offer no worth.  David Anthony Whitaker works within the framework of life and that is his true genius.

They say that true genius is surrounding yourself with smart, competent people.  If that is true then ISO Developers is a true genius.


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ISO Developers

Chief Operations Officer · January 2015 to present

David Whitaker is a fascinating man with a powerful mind. His position as COO of ISO Developers allows him to develop his company as he would a clients product, with attention to detail and love for the work itself. David sees work as more than an opportunity to make money, he places an emphasis on teaching and working with both client and employees, with full gym, conference rooms, and [paper-based] library among the many facilities offered at ISO headquarters.

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Co-founder · 2014 to present

Provincetown, Massachusetts, known affectionately as Ptown, is a small town on Cape Cod with a beautiful ocean view and a booming seasonal tourist industry. And a Wifi problem. David has provided an intelligent and ethical business solution which benefits the local economy, gives free wireless to the local residents, and provides a substantial profit to his company, creating a true win-win out of a previously unsolved problem.


Design Geeks

Founder · June 15, 2014 to present

Design Geeks Inc. is David Whitaker’s answer to a common question, “How does one create a website?” Design Geeks Inc. was the birthplace of PMS, David’s current online portal into the idea-driven world of digital development. Client communication is key to strong development. PMS keeps the communication between client and developer alive and thriving, allowing both client and developer to engage in real-time feedback and error-free financial management.


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Web Developer · 2014 to present


Co-founder · January 2013 to present

The Best Website Developer

Chief Technology Officer · 2012 to present


Web Developer · 2014 to January 2016

Balliro Commerce Group, LLC

Chief Technology Officer · 2012 to June 2014