What originally started as a simple method of trading disappearing photos and videos with friends, has become a must-use marketing tool for many businesses. With nearly 185 million active users spending an average of 40 minutes on Snapchat each day, your brand has significant opportunities to engage with potential customers. Finding those potential customers can be a struggle.
David Whitaker
Boston, MA

“Unlike other social networks, Snapchat does not come with a search feature, making it particularly difficult for users to find your business by name.”

Users aren’t able to add you without your username or Snapcode (a QR code-like image that can be scanned within the Snapchat app).

This can make growing an audience seem particularly difficult.
Use Your E-Mail List

The most effective way to grow your Snapchat following is to make use of your most loyal customers – those who’ve opted into your email list. These subscribers have already opted in to receive periodic updates from you, and are extremely likely to connect with you on Snapchat. Let them know about your account in your next e-mail blast.
Giveaways & Coupons

It goes without saying that people love free stuff.

Another tactic to grow your Snapchat following is to offer your followers something in exchange for following your account. While most Snapchat users are simply happy with a business that shares great and relevant content, a small token of appreciation can help convert potential customers who have yet to follow you.

Consider offering a small discount or trinket to customers who present their device at checkout to show that they’re a follower. Perhaps offer something more significant to a follower who sends a Snap of your product while inside your store. A little bit of influence marketing can go a long way in growing your following and generating new customers.
Snapcode Stickers

Another low-cost way to promote your Snapchat account is to purchase stickers featuring your Snapcode, then placing them in high-trafficked areas of your business, such as your entrance and checkout counter.

A well-placed sticker on your businesses’ door can not only convert to Snapchat followers coming in and out throughout the day, but can also attract potential future customers who are walking by after hours.

Last modified: June 20, 2018

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