10 Free Ways to Attract More Instagram Followers

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10 Free Ways to Attract More Instagram Followers 

David Whitaker
Boston MA

Instagram can be a lonely place when you’re first starting out. Posting your favorite pictures to an account with only a handful of followers can be discouraging. While it is possible to build a following by throwing money into the mix, there are lots of ways to attract more Instagram followers at no cost.


  1. Posting new images on a regular basis is one of the most effective techniques for building an Instagram fan base. Today’s online demographic consumes content at a blistering pace and is always looking for something new.  A constant stream of new posts can make your account more popular.


  1. Peppering your Instagram posts with relevant hashtags is an easy way to generate interest in both your posts and your account. Popular hashtags such as #FF (Follow Friday), #tbt (Throwback Thursday), #like4like and #followback allow others to find you in a sea of postings.


  1. Engage with existing followers to build more personal online relationships. Comments or likes can be seen by their followers, possibly encouraging them to do the same with your content.


  1. Be selective with your content. Followers don’t want people to swamp them with hundreds of mindless or uninteresting posts. Focus on posting high-quality content relevant to you and your account. One great post can generate more likes and follows than a dozen low-quality posts.


  1. Follow others to let them know you exist and encourage them to follow you back. Scan through daily posts and follow accounts you find interesting. Make a habit of following anyone who follows you.


  1. Promote your Instagram account via other social media services such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you have a personal or professional website, be sure to post a link there as well. That is a simple way to advertise your account to fans of your other content.


  1. Using hashtags related to specific businesses or products can help you get noticed. If a company thinks your post will help promote their service or product, they may be encouraged to follow your account or comment on your posts.


  1. Choosing the best time to post your images can help build traffic and increase followers. Studies have shown that posting mid-week, overnight or just after regular business hours will offer a broader audience.


  1. Following and engaging with popular, high-profile Instagram accounts can often lead to new followers. Others who see your posts or comments may share a common interest, prompting them to check out your account.


  1. Ask for comments or likes in your photo captions. Encourage viewers to engage with your content by asking questions  like “Isn’t this the funniest image you’ve ever seen?” or “Has anyone seen this before?”


While there is no exact science to building a social media following, these tips should help get you started. Don’t get discouraged with less-than-stellar early results. Becoming an online rock star takes some time and hard work.



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