4 Creative Twists for Your Next Blog Topic

June 24, 2017 / Comments (0)

4 Creative Twists for Your Next Blog Topic

By: David Whitaker – Boston MA

When deciding to create a blog or write a new post, it can often seem impossible to find a niche topic that hasn’t been covered. Food, exercise, technology and fashion are some popular topics, but how can you add a touch of personality and make yours stand out? Here are four ways to twist these themes, which can act as a springboard for your next blogging project or post.


Food: Specific Regions or Cooking Methods


Food is an incredibly popular topic for blogging, with many focusing on specific diets or lifestyles. If you’re particularly knowledgeable about a certain region, why not focus on its cuisine? Maybe you or your parents were born overseas, or you spent some time travelling and picked up inspiration. Some regional foods are still quite underserved in the blogosphere, so use your expertise to carve your niche. Alternatively, maybe you have a favorite cooking method like barbequing or slow cooking. Using that as a basis for your recipes and communicating your passion for the benefits of the method can help give you an edge.


Exercise: Unusual Sports or Alternative Exercise


When it comes to fitness, most people stick to the tried and tested method of regular gym sessions or running. Maybe you’re interested in an unusual or extreme sport, like skydiving or fencing. People are always looking for fun ways to get fit, so building buzz about oft-ignored sports can be good ways to draw attention. Or, maybe you know some nifty tips for getting fit without going to the gym, like dance classes or power walking. Combining innovation and fun with exercise is a great way to get people interested.


Technology: Overseas Developments or Futurism


Technology is another popular blogging topic, with many focusing on product reviews or domestic developments. Instead of focusing on widely reported home-grown tech, look further afield at advances often overlooked by American audiences. What’s Japan been up to this year with robots? How about Chinese medical researchers or the Indian space program? As in other fields, people tend to be ethnocentric when reporting on technology. Yet, this means that looking at the other countries’ developments can often be enlightening. Alternatively, futurism is an interesting topic devoted to predicting or theorizing future events. Instead of focusing on actual upcoming technology, use your knowledge and research to discuss what may lie ahead in the decades to come.


Fashion: Local Businesses or Home-Made Designs


Street fashion, traditional runway show analysis and seasonal trends are common fashion blogging topics. Why not look at your own city’s take on fashion from the side of local businesses? Small boutiques are a great way to see how independent fashion sellers are interpreting current trends. Try talking to them and perhaps featuring interviews on your blog in exchange for publicity. Alternatively, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, why not try altering store-bought items or creating pieces from scratch? You could document the process and give advice on materials, processes, etc. and start setting your own trends.


Blogging is so popular today that it can seem difficult to come up with unique ideas. Yet, by giving your personal take on popular themes you can attract attention and stand out from the crowd. If you blog in one of these areas or are considering starting a new topic, use one of these twists as a starting point for your next post or project and see how it develops.



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